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Guidelines for the use of digital technologies on smoking cessation in China PREPARE-2024CN041 2024-07-23
Guidelines of placental blood transfusion in obstetric special cases neonatal application PREPARE-2024CN043 2024-07-23
Expert consensus on hierarchical management of rheumatoid arthritis in primary healthcare institutions PREPARE-2024CN039 2024-07-23
Consensus of Experts on Cancer Pain Managemen PREPARE-2024CN038 2024-07-23
Expert consensus on Mongolian medicine diagnosis and treatment of tulai disease (rheumatoid arthritis) PREPARE-2024CN037 2024-07-22
Expert Consensus on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Vibrio Vulnificus Sepsis (2024) PREPARE-2024CN035 2024-07-22
Guidelines for therapeutic drug monitoring of lamotrigine for epilepsy PREPARE-2024CN033 2024-07-22
Chinese Medical Association guideline for clinical diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer (2024 edition) PREPARE-2024CN032 2024-07-22
Expert consensus on the diagnosis and treatment strategy of severe osteoporosis combined with complex fracture PREPARE-2024CN029 2024-07-22
Experts Consensus on Nutritional Management of Patients with Hyperglycemia in the Perioperative Period (2024) PREPARE-2024CN023 2024-07-22