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Guidelines for establishing acupuncture evidence ecosystem IPGRP-2021CN106 2021-05-06
Guideline for diagnosis and treatment of osteoarthritis (2021 edition) IPGRP-2021CN105 2021-04-29
Chinese Expert Consensus on Percutaneous Transhepatic Papillary Balloon Dilation (PTPBD) for Management of Cholelithiasis IPGRP-2021CN104 2021-04-28
Guidlines for patients with pulmonary hypertension IPGRP-2021CN103 2021-04-28
Guidelines for the Management of Foreign Body in the Digestive tract of Children in China (Public and Patient Version) IPGRP-2021CN102 2021-04-26
Construction of clinical pathway evaluation system of nursing service for the whole course of acute heart failure IPGRP-2021CN100 2021-04-25
Clinical practice guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of lumbar disc herniation in the elderly IPGRP-2021CN098 2021-04-23
Expert consensus on diagnosis and treatment of bacterial meningitis complications in children IPGRP-2021CN097 2021-04-22
Chinese guidelines for evidence-based evaluation of off-label drug use in ophthalmology IPGRP-2021CN096 2021-04-19
Expert consensus from emergency and critical care department on the clinical application of humidified nasal high-flow humidifying oxygen therapy in adults IPGRP-2021CN095 2021-04-17