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Chinese guidelines for evidence-based evaluation of off-label drug use in ophthalmology IPGRP-2021CN096 2021-04-19
Expert consensus from emergency and critical care department on the clinical application of humidified nasal high-flow humidifying oxygen therapy in adults IPGRP-2021CN095 2021-04-17
Quality Control System for the process of high-quality clinical trials of Acupuncture : A Practical guidance protocol IPGRP-2021CN093 2021-04-17
clinical guidelines for the treatment of platelet transfusion in neonates IPGRP-2021CN092 2021-04-17
Management of Patients on Antithrombotic therapy in the Periprocedural Setting of Noncardiac Surgery: An Experts Consensus From Shanghai IPGRP-2021CN091 2021-04-16
Chinese experts consensus on the clinical diagnosis and treatment of asthenozoospermia IPGRP-2021CN090 2021-04-16
Chinese experts consensus on the diagnosis and treatment of oligozoospermia IPGRP-2021CN089 2021-04-13
Guidelines for the management of off-label use of drugs for pediatrics (2021) IPGRP-2021CN088 2021-04-13
Evidence-based guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic kidney disease-mineral and bone disorder (CKD-MBD) in children IPGRP-2021CN086 2021-04-12
Experts consensus on pyogenic liver abscess IPGRP-2021CN085 2021-04-09