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  • 2022.0123
    In order to improve the clinical diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), the Chinese Medical Association Surgery Branch organized experts to put forward key clinical issues related to the clinical practice of IBC through literature research and discussion. Development and Evaluation) system to evaluate relevant evidence, and combined with clinical accessibility in China, the Chinese Medical Association IBC clinical practice guidelines are formulated, aiming to provide reference for Chinese breast cancer and other professional physicians.
  • 2022.0123
    There has been widespread consensus that neoadjuvant therapy can bring clinical benefits in early breast cancer. The purpose and significance of neoadjuvant therapy have also been enriched, including more indications, treatment options and therapeutic evaluation. The Chinese Society of Breast Surgery organized related experts to discuss the neoadjuvant therapy of breast cancer, and evaluated the relevant evidence with reference to the GRADE system, aiming to provide reference for China's breast surgeons.
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