Advisory Committee

 AmirQaseem, MD, PhD, MHA, FACP

Vice President, Clinical Policy and Center for Evidence Reviews, American College of Physicians; Immediate Past President, Guidelines International Network.

Dr. Qaseem is responsible for leading the American College of Physicians' evidence-based medicine and   clinical practice guidelines program, one of the oldest programs in the United States, including writing of the clinical guidelines, and overseeing the College’s Clinical Guidelines Committee. Dr Qaseem is also in charge of directing the ACP's physician performance measurement program and is responsible for ACP’s Performance Measurement Committee. He also leads the High Value Care Task Force evaluating and publishing the benefits, harms, and costs of various overused, misused, and underused diagnostic tests and therapeutic interventions. Dr Qaseem’s work includes development and implementation of ACP’s quality improvement and educational programs. 

Dr Qaseem is also involved in several international collaborations to develop joint clinical guidelines and improve quality of care across different countries. Dr Qaseem has published numerous papersin peer-reviewed journals including clinical practice guidelines, implementation of clinical guidelines, quality improvement, performance measurement, and health policy related issues. Some of the papers authored by Dr Qaseem are in the top ten most read articles in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Dr Qaseem has been invited to speakand has presented at several national and international conferences on issues related to health policy, evidence-based medicine, guideline development, guideline and evidence grading, and topics associated with performance measurement and quality of care. 

Dr Qaseem is on governance boards and committees of various national and international organizations that includes National Quality Forum, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Measures Application Partnership, GRADE, Guidelines International Network, and American Medical Association PCPI.