Clinical Epidemiology in China series. Paper 2: Promoting GRADE at the national level: the experience from China

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Recently, a series of articles from Chinese scholars have been published in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, including: 

l  “Paper 1: Evidence-based medicine in China: an oral history study”.

l  “Paper 2: Promoting GRADE at the national level: the experience from China”.

l  “Paper 3: The methodological and reporting quality of systematic reviews and meta-analyses published by China' researchers in English-language is higher than those published in Chinese-language”.

l  “Paper 4: The reporting and methodological quality of Chinese clinical practice guidelines published between 2014 and 2018: A systematic review”.


The key findings of the second study ( in the series are as follows:

l  Three GRADE centres have been established in China since 2011.

l  Eighteen articles of the GRADE working group have been translated and published in Chinese, and 26 articles have been written by Chinese scientists in Chinese to introduce and interpret the GRADE approach so far.

l  More than 50 GRADE workshops and meetings have been held by GRADE centres in China, covering two-thirds of all provinces and autonomous regions of China.

l  The percentage of guidelines developed by the Chinese Medical Association (CMA) and the Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA) that used the GRADE system were 30% and 18%, respectively.