Published Online: Chinese Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of Diabetic Kidney Disease

In February 2021, Chinese guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of diabetic kidney disease (Registration number: IPGRP-2021CN035) were published online by the Chinese Society of Nephrology in the Chinese Journal of Nephrology. The guideline is based on domestic and international expert consensus and integrates the clinical experience of Chinese nephrologists. This guideline contains the diagnosis of diabetic kidney disease (DKD), renal pathology biopsy, treatment and management, management of complications, and rational application of commonly used drugs. The expert group has referred to the international guideline format in the preparation process based on the principles of rigor, conciseness, and authority. The guidelines reflect new trends and perspectives in the treatment of DKD and are of great value in further strengthening the understanding of DKD, standardizing the treatment system, formulating reasonable treatment principles, guiding the precise use of drugs, delaying the progression of kidney disease. It will improve the life quality of patients and could be used by physicians for reference in clinical work.