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Expert consensus on medical nutrition management of dyslipidemia IPGRP-2021CN333 2021-10-18
Experts consensus on regional citrate anticoagulation for CRRT IPGRP-2021CN332 2021-10-15
Guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine in frozen shoulder IPGRP-2021CN325 2021-10-15
Guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of ovulatory infertility with integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine IPGRP-2021CN340 2021-10-15
Brazilian treatment guidelines for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder IPGRP-2021CN324 2021-10-13
Evidence-based Guidelines for the Clinical Management of Primary Acute Angle-closure Glaucoma IPGRP-2021CN323 2021-10-13
Consensus on the clinical management of post-stroke aphasia in China IPGRP-2021CN322 2021-10-12
Expert consensus on aspirin use in children with Kawasaki disease IPGRP-2021CN321 2021-10-09
Consensus for anticoagulant therapy for cardiomyopathy in China IPGRP-2021CN320 2021-10-08
tle Guideline for medical imaging clinical appropriateness (MICA) in patients with hearing loss IPGRP-2021CN319 2021-10-07