Edition: Adapted
Classification: Standard guideline
Field: Comprehensive guideline
Countries and regions: Saudi Arabia
Guidelines users: Professionals (Intended / Target Users or Stakeholders) : Healthcare professionals in primary, secondary, and tertiary care of neonatal and maternity services including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and laboratory technicians. Clinical Specialties Physicians (pediatricians, neonatologists, pediatric infectious diseases, microbiologists, and obstetricians), clinical pharmacists, nurses, laboratory technicians, and midwives.
Evidence classification method: The description of the methodology for the production of this adapted CPG can be fulfilled by utilizing the King Saud University (KSU) Modified ADAPTE method. This CPG formal adaptation method included three phases (setup, adaptation, and finalization), nine modules, and 24 steps with modifications in the steps and tools to suit the local general healthcare setting in Saudi Arabia. Overall, the steps of CPG adaptation included the selection of the health topic, formulation of the CPG adaptation working group, identification of health questions using the PIPOH model, searching and selecting Source CPGs with clear inclusion and exclusion criteria, quality assessment of included Source CPGs by using the Appraisal of Guidelines for Research and Evaluation (AGREE) II Instrument, assessment of the currency of the selected Source CPG, drafting of the adapted CPG, external review and consultation process, finalization of the adapted CPG with a set of implementation tools, declaration of conflicts of interests, and finally a plan for review and update. For further details on the specific modifications in steps and tools, refer to the article by Amer et al. 2019 (https://doi.org/10.1111/jep.12927).
Development unit: Saudi Neonatology Society (SNS)
Registration time: 2021-11-22
Registration number: IPGRP-2021CN383
Purpose of the guideline: This CPG aims to reduce delays in recognizing and treating infection and prevent unnecessary use of antibiotics.