Consensus on the clinical management of post-stroke aphasia in China

Title: Consensus on the clinical management of post-stroke aphasia in China
Edition: Original
Classification: Experts consensus
Field: Diagnosis and Treatment
Countries and regions: China
Guidelines users: Use of this consensus includes all neurologists, rehabilitation physicians, and rehabilitation therapists.
Evidence classification method: The evidence recommendation grading evaluation, formulation and evaluation method (GRADE) was used to determine the recommendation level of a clinical issue in this consensus according to the credibility level of literature or data under the guidance of the GRADE manual.
Development unit: Neurorehabilitation group,neurology branch,Chinese Medical Association;Professional Committee of Cerebrovascular Diseases,Chinese Society of Rehabilitation Medicine;China Rehabilitation Research Center
Registration time: 2021-10-12
Registration number: IPGRP-2021CN322
Purpose of the guideline: At present, many studies have shown that rehabilitation therapy has good effect in the treatment of post-stroke aphasia at home and abroad. Accordingly, the clinical management of post-stroke aphasia is significantly insufficient, and there is still no unified rehabilitation guidelines or expert consensus for post-stroke aphasia. This expert consensus systematically expounds the rehabilitation assessment, rehabilitation intervention and rehabilitation management programs for post-stroke aphasia, and makes recommendations according to the existing evidence, to promote and standardize the formulation of post-stroke aphasia treatment schemes for patients with post-stroke aphasia and guide clinical application.