Lifestyle Intervention Guidelines for Premature Pregnant Women

Title: Lifestyle Intervention Guidelines for Premature Pregnant Women
Edition: Original
Classification: Standard guideline
Field: Comprehensive guideline
Countries and regions: China
Guidelines users: Obstetrician, midwives,nurses
Evidence classification method: During the development of this guide, we will use the grade tool to quality evaluation, formation and reporting advice on the intervention system evaluation, forming and reporting the recommended advice, the quality of the evidence is high, low, and very low. Evidence evaluations were used to evaluate quality research system using CERQUAL approach and graded the recommended opinion. The methodology quality of system evaluation and Meta analysis is evaluated by using AMSTAR (Assessment of Multiple Systematic Reviews). Apply AGREEII for quality evaluation of the included guidelines.
Development unit: 南方医科大学
Registration time: 2021-10-02
Registration number: IPGRP-2021CN315
Purpose of the guideline: Studies have shown that about 5% to 15% of pregnant women will have premature delivery, and they are likely to die before or within a short period of time after delivery. The prevention of premature birth is of great significance to the protection of the health and safety of mothers and babies. In this guideline, normative guidelines for healthy lifestyles for the prevention of preterm birth will be formulated, aiming to provide evidence-based references for clinically improving pregnancy outcomes and ensuring the safety of mothers and babies.