Chinese expert consensus on the ambulatory surgery of breast surgery

Title: Chinese expert consensus on the ambulatory surgery of breast surgery
Edition: Original
Classification: Experts consensus
Field: Diagnosis and Treatment
Countries and regions: China
Guidelines users: Chinese breast diseases specialists and related medical workers
Evidence classification method: None
Development unit: 中华医学会外科学分会乳腺外科学组
Registration time: 2021-06-07
Registration number: IPGRP-2021CN149
Purpose of the guideline: At present, surgery is still the main treatment for breast diseases.The latest epidemiological investigation found that breast cancer ranks the first incidence of female malignant tumor in China.In addition to benign breast tumors and non-neoplastic diseases requiring surgical treatment, the need for surgery is increasing.With the advancement of national medical reform, the development of day surgery in breast surgery has gradually entered the stage of government promotion.Since the beginning of the 21st century, with the continuous improvement of the level of comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, the overall prognosis of breast cancer has been significantly improved, and the concept of maximizing benefit and minimizing harm has been widely recognized in clinical practice [3].In recent years, a consensus has been reached on the surgical concept of "obtaining equivalent or superior results with minimal surgical trauma". With the progress of anesthesia and resuscitation technology, in addition to breast benign tumor resection, the daytime operation mode of breast cancer conserving surgery, sentinel lymph node biopsy and breast cancer conserving plastic surgery is also being gradually tried.In order to promote the rapid development of mammary gland surgical ambulatory surgery and regulate the clinical practice, the Chinese medical association surgery branch of the mammary gland surgery group organized experts in the field of domestic related to ambulatory surgery summarized the development experience of home and abroad, and combined with Chinese medical conditions, formulated the expert consensus, aims to provide a reference for the standardization of the mammary gland surgical day to carry out.This paper proposes recommendations for content that ≥80% members have reached consensus on